El Jacalito (Lomita, CA)


El Jacalito is a locally owned shop that provides authentic Mexican and Oaxacan food. This small hole in the wall seats 15-20 people comfortable. Unfortunately, the parking is a mess. Nothing but limited street parking available.  Never having had Oaxacan food before, I had to give the Tlayuda Tres Carnes a shot.  It came with pork, sausage, and beef? over a bed of cabbage, string goat cheese, and beans on a crispy tortilla.

The flavors, however, were a big miss.  The meats weren’t grilled and had a very funky taste to them.  I actually enjoyed the beans, cheese, and cabbage, but everything else was forgettable.  Even the delicious looking wet burrito was disappointing.  Tons of fatty, flavorless meat with questionable vegetables tossed in. (corn, green beans, wtf?)  If anyone has a legit burrito spot to suggest, I’m all ears as this was a big time let down.

24609 Narbonne Ave
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 325-6429

2 stars