Naja’s Place (Redondo Beach, CA)


Love rare craft beers on tap?  Naja’s will be your heavenly beer sanctuary.  They have a massive menu, sometimes a hundred of different brews on tap available. Beer vendors will occasionally hold events that will have a line piling out the door and into the parking lot.

Naja’s is perfect for any type of sporting event as they have HDTV’s plastered wpid-img_20110809_162024.jpgall around the place.  If your a typical Bud light or Corona drinker, this might be a bit overwhelming.  There’s stouts, lagers, IPAs, porters, ambers, blondes, etc. Knowing your beer is like knowing your wine.  Some people only drink cabs, I only drink IPAs and Belgian ale.

154 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 376-9951



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