LBC Seafood (Long Beach, CA)

30utzl5Tired of overpaying for seafood that’s supposed to be fresh?  LBC seafood is for the pseudo chef that wants to recreate the “Boiling Crab” experience at home.  I picked up this monster 15lbs spider crab for $30.
They have shellfish here you can’t find in many other spots.  Everything from live crab (rock, dungeoness, spider), crayfish, lobsters (spiny and Atlantic), clams, mussels, fish, shrimp, and other unique treats. They even steam/fry your food on request.  The quality is a notch above the competition, it’s clean, fairly priced, and doesn’t smell like fishass.  Location is somewhat shady, but they have their own parking lot in the back.o

I’ve picked up live dungeoness crabs, rock/stone crabs, large raw head-on shrimp, and mussels.  Everything was clean, fresh, and delicious.  Customer service is on point too, they’ll answer any questions you may have and point you where you need to go.

1436 Cherry Ave
Long Beach, CA 90813
(562) 439-0500


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